Waverley Estate was established in 1973.

Today, more than forty years on, we continue the tradition by using our own estate-grown fruit which is carefully handpicked every vintage.

The Estate comprises of 100 acres with around 20,000 vines, half of which are Shiraz.  The balance of our grape varieties are Cabernet, Semillon and Chardonnay.

We have 2 large irrigation dams ensuring continuity of water supply to the property during the hot Australian summer.

With a total production of around 6,000 cases, the estate produces great fruit from old vines that in turn produce grapes with intense flavours.

In the vineyard we derive quality from old vines that are given a lot of attention.  The red terroir, the Terra Rosa, helps produce the intense flavours. During each winter we prune the vines back heavily which ensures that the vines produce low volume but very high quality fruit.

The grapes are hand-picked, then brought to the winery where the grapes are gently crushed by way of ‘foot stomping’ and traditional wild fermentation.  The red wine is then transferred to French Oak hogsheads and the chardonnay is transferred to puncheons for maturation.